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100 micron ETFE film – CUT TO SIZE –

4.43 - 12.00 / l

The ETFE film thickness is 0.1 mm, 0.004 ” or 100 micron and is cut-to-size for you, fill in the desired length and width, and the number of sheets for a suitable offer.The cutting costs are € 2.50 each.

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TIP: The more you order, the lower the price. 5 m2 or more for € 44,34 per m2

0 m² to 1 m² = € 120 per m²
1 m² to 2.5 m² = € 66 per m²
2.5 m² to 5 m² = € 54 per m²
5 m² or more = € 44,34 per m²

Looking for a full role ETFE film 100 MICRON?  Please contact us to discuss the options.

While cutting the film manually, we check if the ETFE film has irregularities or wrinkles and the dimensions will be at least the ordered size.

ETFE is a very strong material, non-flammable and resistant to high temperatures. ETFE foil is often used as separation film or as a substitute for glass. For this we have also developed special ETFE panels, these can be made with 100 or 200 micron ETFE and double-sided or single-sided. Examples of large ETFE projects are the Eden Project and the Allianz arena football stadium. In addition, ETFE is used to coat cables and wires for insulation and protection. ETFE foil is also used as a release film for molds, as is often done in the composite industry.


To shorten delivery times, we strive to supply al our films from stock for both small quantities as full rolls.


We are opened from Monday 8:30 to Friday 17:00. Our goal is to send out orders within 2 working days, also for cut to size items. Machine cut items might take a bit longer.


With some exceptions, we supply our films globally. If you can’t choose your destination, please contact us.


FEP-film.com is part of Holscot Europe, we have over 30 years’ experience with these materials. If you wish further advise or a more complex product, please contact us for a suitable advise.

Weight 0.2 kg

Chemically resistant to almost everything
Excellent optical qualities
Highly transparent
Resistant to very high (204 °C) and low (-200 °C) temperatures
Unsurpassed non-stick properties
UV stable
Very strong


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