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FEP sheet

FEP-film.com, part of Holscot Europe, has been set up to make it easier to meet the demand for FEP film, for large and smaller users of FEP sheet and films. We supply both small cut-to –size pieces as longer lengths and full rolls. Further we also offer FEP sample packages that contain 3 thicknesses of FEP sheets if you are not sure yet which thickness is most suitable for your application.

FEP sheet cut to size
FEP teflon sheet

FEP sheet

The FEP sheets, in general, are delivered from stock, cut to size and shipped within two working days. We have 7 standard thicknesses of FEP films available:

Applications of  FEP sheet

Please have a look at the unique FEP properties and FEP data sheet and you see that this material is very versatile and suitable for a variety of applications. For example:

Manipulation of FEP film

Through the FEP-film.com site we only sell pieces of FEP sheet. However, Holscot has many years of experience in manipulating the FEP film, we even won the prestigious Plunkett Award in the past. We also offer:

By manipulating FEP sheets we can make various products such as FEP fuel tanks, FEP lens protection caps, FEP bags and containers and much more.