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Chemical resistant film – separation film –

Chemical resistant film – separation film –

Chemical resistant film – separation film –

CHEMICALLY RESISTANT FILM – Often a FEP curtain is used in situations of open chemical fluids. This curtain acts like a safety barrier between the chemical and the people working in the factory. Safety above everything.

Chemically resistant, transparent and the strength of the FEP chemically resistant film make this material suitable for this application. In our experience the following FEP films are ordered regularly for chemical applications:

If you are a dealer or user of big volumes of FEP film within the chemical field and in need of full rolls or large quantities. Please contact us for a suitable offer.

Other products of Holscot Europe  used within the chemical field:
  • Tanks, lined piping and vessels are often covered with Fluoroplastics so there is no contact between the steel and the chemicals. For lined piping we often use a PTFE pipe which is pulled through the steel pipe.
  • Vessels and tanks often have a FEP glass backed film. This very versatile material has one side FEP and on the other side a glass backing. The glass backing can be bonded to the steel of the tank or vessel.
  • The flanges of chemical piping are often equipped with a FEP flange shield. Which helps improve safety in case of leakage.
  • PFA film, if the temperature is higher than 204 °C, FEP film is not suitable anymore. PFA could be an alternative as it can withstand temperatures of 260 °C



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