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FEP Flexvat for 3D printers (SLA, LCD, DPL)

FEP Flexvat for 3D printers (SLA, LCD, DPL)

FEP Flexvat for 3D printers (SLA, LCD, DPL)

FEP FLEXVAT – FEP non-stick sheet is a very good alternative to PDMS and silicone to use as a bottom for a Flexvat. A Flexvat with a FEP bottom has a durable release surface that is easy to keep clean.

A flexvat is used in “bottom up” 3D printers such as DLP and SLA 3d printers. The liquid wax goes into the flexvat. The 3D printer uses a laser to harden the liquid in the flexvat layer by layer. Where the laser touches the liquid, it becomes hard.

The non-stick  and the strength of the FEP non-stick sheet make this a very suitable material for this application. In our experience the following products are ordered for this application:

If you are a manufacturer, trader or large user of FEP non-stick sheet for 3D printing applications, Please contact us for a suitable offer.


To shorten delivery times, we strive to supply al our films from stock for both small quantities as full rolls.


We are opened from Monday 8:30 to Friday 17:00. Our goal is to send out orders within 2 working days, also for cut to size items. Machine cut items might take a bit longer.


With some exceptions, we supply our films globally. If you can’t choose your destination, please contact us.


FEP-film.com is part of Holscot Europe, we have over 30 years’ experience with these materials. If you wish further advise or a more complex product, please contact us for a suitable advise.

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