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FEP film is available in thicknesses between 25 micron and 1000 micron. Premium PFA film is available in thicknesses of 50 – 100 – 125 and 150 micron and very strong ETFE film in 100 and 200 micron. All dimensions are possible! Supplied from stock and shipped within 2 workingdays. Cut-to-size pieces, in roll width or full rolls, please have a look at the properties below to choose the right film for your application:

FEP film

  • Excellent thermal stability temperatures of -200 to 204 ° C
  • Resistant to almost all chemicals and solvents.
  • Best non-stick properties of all plastics.
  • Transparent with high transmittance
  • Resistant to ozone, sun- and UV light.
  • FDA approved.

PFA film

  • PFA has all properties of FEP and in addition:
  • Resistant to a higher constant temperature of 250 ° C
  • More than 100 times the bend / flex life compared FEP
  • Stiffer mechanical properties
  • Transparent
  • Low coefficient of friction compared to FEP

ETFE film

  • Very strong. Holds up to 400 times its own weight.
  • The mechanical strength is substantially greater than FEP.
  • Exceptional UV transmission.
  • Withstands temperatures up to 150 ° C.
  • Light weight.
  • FDA approved

Applications and Information

Which material or thickness do I need?

If you are not sure which material or thickness will be most suitable for your application; we also offer a variety of sample packages containing various thicknesses or materials

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