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PFA sheet 50 micron

Thin PFA sheet in 0.05 mm / 50 micron or 0.002″ thick, the width of the master roll is standard 1220 mm.

Online we sell the following options:

Are you looking for an alternative size? Or perhaps full rolls or longer lengths. Please contact our sales department so discuss the available options.

2 of the main resons to choose PFA sheet material compared to FEP are the higher temperature resistance. These PFA sheets can resist to a constant temperature of 250 ° C. Further, it has a much higer flexlife, around 100 times better then its FEP equivalent.

All our PFA sheets are premium grade productions meaning it is 100 % pure virgin PFA granules that are used, no repro is added.

PFA properties


50 micron PFA film for mold release

PFA has excelent non-stick properties, exceptional formation to complex surfaces and  is resistant to even higher temperatures then FEP film.

This non stick film may help getting your products clean and easy from the mold. Often these thin gauge PFA sheets are called separating films or teflon ® release film and they are often used in the composite industry.

PFA sheet for 3D printing

For 3D printing, in general a thicker PFA film is used. Normally, we would advise a 100, 125 or 150 micron PFA sheet. However, for 1 off printing applications these 50 micron sheets can be used.

Not sure yet which thickness is most suitable for your application? Perhaps out PFA sample package is of interest. This contains all 4 thickness for testing.


To shorten delivery times, we strive to supply al our films from stock for both small quantities as full rolls.


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