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Bonding FEP Film: FEP Plasma etching or chemical etching

Bonding FEP Film: FEP Plasma etching or chemical etching

Bonding FEP Film: FEP Plasma etching or chemical etching

Etching of FEP

FEP and all other fluoroplastics or teflon ® types are known for the non-stick properties. This also provides the necessary challenges, there are quite some applications where the FEP must be glued to rubber, glass, metal or an other surface. Because FEP has the ultimate non-stick surface, it is impossible to glue untreated FEP.

We can offer the following solutions:

  • FEP Plasma etching
  • FEP Corona etching
  • FEP Sodium Naphthalene (SN) etching
FEP Plasma etching

FEP plasma etching is done by releasing a high electrical charge on the FEP foil, the charge is released in a controlled gas environment. This is the biggest difference compared to a Corona etching. This provides a surface with a high and stable surface tension. Making bonding of the FEP film possible. More information about this technique can also be read on wikepedia

FEP Corona etching

A FEP corona etching is almost identical to the plasma etching. The only difference is that a corona etch is done within a natural atmosphere and a FEP Plasma etch within a controlled gas atmosphere. A plasma etch is more stable and is guaranteed to last longer. that is why we only work with plasma etch.

We can supply plasma etched FEP film in full rolls of at least 10 kilos. Due to the limited shelf life, we do not have a stock of etched FEP films. These films can be supplied  up to a thickness of 250 microns

Sodium Naphthalene (SN) etching

A solution of sodium and naphthalene changes the molecular surface of the FEP. The end product is light brown color. We mainly do this type of etching with films that are thicker than 100 microns. The advantage of this etching is that we can also do this for a few meters and therefore do not necessarily have to offer it in full rolls.


A good etch is crucial to get a strong bond. Would you like to know more or receive a quote for etched FEP film? Please contact us.

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