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FEP datasheet and FEP properties

FEP datasheet and FEP properties

FEP datasheet and FEP properties

Below you will find an overview of the properties of FEP, some examples where FEP is used for and the typical values ​​of FEP in a FEP datasheet.

FEP properties

These properties of FEP make it a widely used material in a variety of different applications:

  • Negligible moisture absorption

  • Very low coefficient of friction

  • Non-stick surface
  • Chemical resistant to almost all industrial chemicals and solvents

  • exceptional dielectric insulation properties

  • High crack resistance

  • Very low gas penetration

  • Wide temperature range -200 to + 204 ° C

  • Resistant to outside conditions such as UV, ozone and sunlight

  • Non-toxic, FDA approved

  • High transparency for both visual light and UV light up to 98%


FEP datasheet

As we use a different suppliers in addition to our own production FEP film, values ​​may differ slightly, but typical values ​​can be found in the FEP datasheet below:

Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength, 23°C 2100-3050
Elongation at break, 23°C 240-300 %
Flexural Strength, 23°C No break at flexure D 790
Impact Strength, Izod No break
Yield Strength At 23°C 1740
Density 2.12-2.17 gm/cu.cm
Thermal Properties
Coefficient of Linear Expansion 20-100 °C 12 x 10-5 K-1 D 696
Melting Point 253-282 °C
Thermal Conductivity 1.45
Btu/hr-.ft-deg F
W/m/deg K
Service Temperature -250-200 °C
Processing Temperature 370-395 °C
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength, short time, 2mm MV m-1
Surface Arc-Resistance >300
(does not track)
sec D 495
Volume Resistivity, dry, @ 50% RH >1018 ohm-cm D 257
Surface Resistivity, @ 100% RH 1016 Ohm/sq D 257
Dielectric Constant, 60 to 2 x 109 cps 2.1 ε D150-81
Dielectric Strength 13-100 kV mm-1 D149
Dissipation Factor @ 60 Hz – 1 MHz <0.0001 D150-81
Other Properties
Refractive Index 1.344 nD 25 D 542
Water Absorption <0.1 % D570-81
Flame Rating+ VE-0 UL-94
Limiting Oxygen Index 95 % Oxygen D 2863
Resistance to Weathering Excellent
Specific Gravity 2.1-2.3 D792-66
Coefficient of friction 0.27–0.67 D 1894


FEP applications

The special properties of FEP make FEP suitable for a variety of different applications. Like the chemical and medical industry. In 3D printers. By research institutions and universities. We have the following FEP film thicknesses standard in stock.

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