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 0.1 mm ETFE Cut to roll width

LENGTH 10 t/m 800 cm
WIDTH 160 cm
FROM  €36,95  PER M2


0.2 mm ETFE Cut to roll width

LENGTH 10 t/m 800 cm
WIDTH 160 cm
FROM  €69,-  PER M2

ETFE folie

0.1 mm ETFE Cut to size

LENGTH 10 t/m 800 cm
WIDTH 10 t/m 160 cm
FROM  €44,95  PER M2

ETFE folie

0.2 mm ETFE Cut to size

LENGTH 10 t/m 800 cm
WIDTH 10 t/m 160 cm
FROM  €88,64  PER M2


Which thickness do I need?

If you are not sure which thickness will be most suitable for your application; we also offer a variety of sample packages.

Sample packages

Properties of FEP film

Resistant to high and low temperatures -200 °C tot 204 °C
Ultimate non-stick surface
FEP film is chemically resistant
High electrical insulation
Not flammable

Applications of FEP film


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FEP film

FEP film, short for Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Polymer, is a melt processable fluoroplastic. FEP is more commonly known as Teflon ® but Teflon® is a brand name of DuPont where FEP is the name of the material.

FEP is a more economically prices polymer than PFA and possesses very similar properties to PTFE and PFA in terms of chemically resistance, non-stick capabilities and dielectric properties. It is unaffected by UV light and allows over 97% of UV light transmission. Making it the ideal choice in UV applications.

Teflon ® FEP film

Fluorinated ethylene propylene was invented by DuPont and is sold under the brand name Teflon FEP. Other brand names are Neoflon FEP from Daikin or Dyneon FEP from 3M.

Next to our own FEP film production we use a variety of other manufacturers as supplier. If you are in need of a specific manufacturer e.g. DuPont and the FEP film needs to be Teflon® graded, please let us know, to sell a Teflon material, the granules used have to made by DuPont. If other FEP granules are used, the FEP film cannot be qualified as a Teflon FEP film.

FEP film properties

FEP has a unique combination of properties which makes the material suitable for a variety of different and unique applications, these are the main properties:

  • Excellent thermal stability:

Usable throughout a wide thermal range -200 to +200°C (-328 to +392°F)

  • Chemical Inertness:

Resists almost all chemicals, such as strong acid, strong alkali, salt, and organic solvent.

  • Anti-stick property:

The lowest surface energy of all plastic films; displays excellent mold release and anti-stick properties.

  • Electrical reliability:

High electrical insulation characterized by low-dialectic constant and dissipation factor and by high dialectic strength over a wide range of temperature and frequency.

  • Resistance to weathering:

Inert to outdoor exposure; with unchanged mechanical and physical properties after 10 years.

  • Non-flammability:

Will not burn in air or gas having an oxygen concentration of less than 95%.

  • High transparency:

Transparent, with excellent transmission of ultraviolet rays and visible rays; lowest refractive index of all plastic films; characterized by very low light reflection. Please also have a look at blog: FEP datasheet and FEP properties

FEP Material

FEP film - chemical formula

FEP is a copolymer of hexafluoropropylene and tetrafluoroethylene, the main difference with the more commonly known PTFE is that it melt-processable using screw extrusion or injection molding techniques. FEP shares PTFE’s useful properties but is more easily formable and is softer than PTFE.

Manipulating FEP film

www.FEP-film.com is part of the Holscot group. Holscot is established in 1970 to investigate the potential of melt processable fluoroplastics like FEP. We developed the skills needed to manipulate and shape these materials, this includes welding, thermoforming, etching and bonding techniques.

If you are in need of some more complex FEP shapes by manipulating the film, please contact us to see what we can do for you.

Other FEP products

If you are in need for other FEP products then FEP film, please have a look at our general site: www.holscoteurope.com:

Other (FEP) Film or sheets

Besides the 7 thicknesses of FEP film that we hold on stock and sell by the meter or in small pieces we can also offer 1.5 mm and 2.4 mm thick FEP film. ETFE film in 100 and 200 micron and PFA film in a variety of thicknesses. Please contact us for more information. If you need FEP self-adhesive film, we can offer this as well.