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What is Teflon ® ? What is PTFE? What is its use?

What is Teflon ® ? What is PTFE? What is its use?

What is Teflon ® ? What is PTFE? What is its use?

What is Teflon ® ?

WHAT IS TEFLON – Teflon ® is a brand name of the chemistry concern Chemours. Teflon ® is generally used to indicate the plastic PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). PTFE was discovered incidentally in 1938 by Mr. R. Plunkett while working as a chemist for DuPont in New Jersey, USA. In 1938 the application for the patent was submitted and the brand name Teflon was given to the substance PTFE. 3 years later the patent was granted and from 1949 Teflon ® was actually sold in commercial applications.

What exactly is PTFE?

PTFE is the abbreviation of polytetrafluoroethylene so we can conclude that it is a ethylene polymer plastic, the water atoms in this ethylene polymer have been replaced by fluorine molecules. That is why this group of plastics, which also includes FEP and PFA, is also called fluoroplastics.

The exceptionally long molecules of the ethylene polymer provide the non-stick properties for which teflon ® has become so well-known. It has proved impossible to process PTFE as a thermoplastic plastic, therefore at a later date, the materials FEP of which FEP film is made and PFA are developed. Both materials are thermoplastic and therefore easier to form while retaining the unique properties of PTFE teflon ®.

Properties of PTFE Teflon ®:

  • Very good non-stick properties
  • Excellent chemical inertia
  • Resistant to temperatures up to 250 ° C
  • Low dilutric constant
  • Resistant to weathering

Applications of Teflon ®:

The variety of properties as described above also ensures that the applications is versatile. Best known is probably the non-stick properties as well-known coating on Tefal pans or as sealing tape / teflon tape. But it is also frequently used in industrial application. In the food industry, in the chemical industry, in machine building and for medical applications. Holscot Europe offers a variety of PTFE products for industrial applications.

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