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Applications of Fep foil

APPLICATIONS OF FEP FOIL – FEP has a unique combination of properties which makes the material suitable for a variety of different and unique applications. For example, the flex vat for SLA, LCD and DPL 3D printers or as release foil for molds in the composite industry and in the chemical industry because of the unique chemical resistance. These are just some examples of FEP foil in use.

The unique properties of FEP foil:

  • Resistant to high temperatures – 200 ° C to + 204 ° C
  • The ultimate non-stick surface, better than all other plastics
  • Chemically resistant to virtually everything
  • Very transparent
  • Non flammable
  • High electrical insulation

The variety of applications of FEP film have led us to offer 7 different thicknesses: between 25 microns and 1000 microns. Very thin FEP film as release foil for molds, thicker FEP film for example for the flex vat or UV disinfection and very thick and sturdy for the chemical applications. See here our complete assortiment of FEP film. Please see below some applications for which our customers use FEP foil:

If you are looking for more complex shapes of FEP foil, we can manipulate the film by using a variety of techniques such as welding, etching and bonding and vacuum forming the FEP foil.